Conferences DON’T suck!

MICENET AUSTRALIA e-Newsletter issue Aug No.1 2013 by Michael

A rather intriguing article entitled ‘Why conferences suck?’ was published earlier this week across a number of Fairfax’s online news channels.

Popular news websites including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Canberra Times and WA Today all featured the article, penned by Michael Baker, which discussed why ‘most conference presentations are completely [expletive] boring’, categorising  the types of speakers one usually finds at a conference and why they are likely to be a ‘waste of time’.

While the article touched on a few sore points that are in some cases unfortunately true, MICENET AUSTRALIA knows there are many more reasons why conferences DON’T suck!  Innovative presentation techniques, clever programming and interactive venues ensure a conference can inspire new ways thinking and networking.

So MICENET AUSTRALIA thought they’d put it to all of us, the informed readers and industry experts, to tell the world why conferences DON’T suck.

MICENET AUSTRALIA want to encourage you to read the article here and share your thoughts and opinions with them on Facebook and Twitter by using #conferencesDONTsuck

If enough interest and debate is collected a response will be published in the next edition of MICENET AUSTRALIA.

The PCO Association fully supports this initiative.  Good work MICENET AUSTRALIA!  We’ll be adding out 2 cents worth on this subject and we’d like to encourage our members and readers to submit their thoughts and opinions here with us or directly to MICENET.

Keep up the good work PCO’s and industry members alike!!