Why you should use an accredited (PCO) Professional Conference Organiser

pco_maxAccreditation not only provides clients but also industry with an assurance that the event management business they are or could be dealing with is committed to the highest quality event management business practices, consistency and reliability in the delivery of services, professional standards and dedication to continuous improvement.

For a company to be awarded CEC accreditation it must have a minimum of one Certified Event Manager (CEM) employed in the business and additionally satisfy the following criteria that are audited by an independent certified practicing (CPA) accountant.

Evidence of accreditation to look for in the business procedure and process manual –
– Evidence of quality assurance systems
– Evidence of computerised conference/event registration management system
– Evidence of financial management systems and procedures
– Certificate of business registration
– Copy of the annual ASIC statement of solvency
– Copy of professional indemnity insurance policy and certificate of currency
– Copy of public liability insurance policy and certificate of currency
– Copy of standard engagement letter and engagement contract

This criteria is subject to an ongoing audit every three years in order to maintain accreditation.

For further information on Company Accreditation with the PCO Association click here