The Importance of your Event Brand

As I sat down to write this I was tempted to kick off with a couple of classic arguments about “giving your branding the business edge” and “helping your business grow”, but I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it all before and know the what and why. Instead I would like to pay credit to those who have done it well, the events that have a good, immediately recognisable brand that communicates clear values and carries a reputation, and expand on that.  How can that be translated to your event?

Whether a conference or expo, consistent branding gives the impression of a well-constructed and organised event (regardless of the possible pandemonium behind the scenes) to your sponsors, delegates and guests. It’s not just a logo and tagline; it needs to convey professionalism, integrity and value to your stakeholders. What signals does your event brand send? Does it have longevity? Will it keep people coming back?

Hosting a conference takes a lot of planning and logistics so branding often gets left until the last minute. Invitations, emailers, sponsorship and registration brochures, press ads, presentations, not to mention pulling the handbook together and getting it printed before the event starts – assuming all your speakers show up!

It might seem like I’m waving a self-promotion flag right now, but as an event organiser you know it is crucial to align yourself with the right people to fulfill critical roles for your event; a creative agency is no exception. A team familiar with the mechanics of how events work, what is involved and what can be done to make it easier for you is priceless. Take the time to consider your suppliers and partners; it could help take your event to the next level. Everything you do, each element from the colours and texture of your signage and collateral to the staff you hire, should be carefully thought out and reflect your event brand.

Great spiel, but can I walk the talk? We are involved in over 10 separate events in Australia this year and I would like to share one particular success with you. We are proud to be the creative agency and branding partner for Carbon Expo Australasia, now going into its fifth year. It is the premier carbon-centred conference in the Asia-Pacific and has drawn the attention of rivals from Singapore and Europe. Five years ago we pitched for the account from a blank canvas and we have enjoyed being part of the incredible growth year to year. Originally on the Gold Coast, it moved to Melbourne in its 3rd year to facilitate its expansion and development.

We manage the entire event brand for the conference director, looking after all the general paraphernalia including sponsorship and registration brochures, advertising, website, emailers and signage needs, for both the event and sponsors where required. We also look after media, managing webcasting and photography. To see the professional result of end-to-end brand management, visit their website

Most events that I have been to are well planned and I take my hat off to the organisers and their ability to take an idea and deliver an expo of quality exhibitors or a conference bursting with satisfied delegates. All you need to do is take that knowledge and power to achieve and ice the cake with a strong and consistent brand.

Phil Winton is the Creative Director and CEO of Admedia Creative.