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The Virtual Conference Network Pty Ltd

Eliminating confusing complexity and replacing conference delivery with pleasing simplicity was VCN’s goal after speaking to many people from within the conference space who had spent years struggling to understand various platforms on the market, and even more confusing was not knowing just what an event would cost them.

We are different and that is what we set out to do, change the way in which conferences are not only delivered but provide the tools to construct your events, calculate online what they will cost and deliver them with ease.

  • Transparent competitive pricing
  • Easy to learn intuitive software
  • One platform that does it all
  • Built in user tutorials for all participants
  • Full team management and inhouse chat system
  • Real time conference analytics and financials

One system fully integrated plug and play application secured by Amazon we have it all covered.  We look forward to showing you our innovative and refreshing approach to conference software and providing you with a demonstration so jump online at to use our online calculator or book a demo at

Contact Name: Christina Bell or Frank Buckle
Phone: +61 7 3303 0201
Mobile: 0407 905 271