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Alpha-Medics Australia

Alpha-Medics Australia, subsidiary of Alpha-Medics Group, is a specialist supplier in the field of Invitro Diagnostic Devices (IVD) and Hygiene products to combat Covid19 and its known variants. Our service in Australia provides reliable and affordable RAT testing systems for all.

Alpha-Medics Australia is pleased to provide Rapid Antigen Tests classed as ‘VERY HIGH SENSITIVITY’ by TGA to Australia.

Our HIGHTOP test is one of the few tests selected to come with the Guardian Self Check App. This allows users test guidance, support and importantly the ability to generate a Negative test Certificate.

This option to have immediate test certification, combined with an excellent test, offers a crucial options for many companies looking for fast, traceable and affordable testing for business, conferences and events

Contact: Winston Hammill
Phone: +61 3 7022 6852
Mobile: +61 449 559 193


Download the Alpha-Medics product brochures below.
Download the Alpha-Medics Product Brochure.