Outsourcing your Workload (Using VAs to increase your productivity)

Aimee Engelmann_CEO_BeepoAimee Engelmann is a business leader who started from scratch operating her first business from her apartment with no capital, a credit card and one customer.

Nine years later, Aimee is the CEO of Beepo and grew the business from 0 to 150 staff in its first year of operation.

With a global team of outsourced professionals, Aimee helps business improve their productivity and business performance.

Aimee is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, Certified Practising Marketer and regularly features as a speaker and spokesperson on outsourcing and offshoring.

Email Aimee at aimee@beepo.com.au if you are interested in connecting with her at the 8th Annual PCOA Conference and Exhibition at the Adelaide Convention Centre between 29 November and 1 December 2015