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Meetings Industry Insights, the PCO Association interview series for PCOs, event organisers and meetings industry professionals.

Warwick Merry MC,  interviews a diverse range of experts on social media, event organisation, digital disruption and more…icon-watch-now


Latest Interview – Sally Foley-Lewis – Time Management
Sally Foley-Lewis shares with us some simple tips to help make your day and your life run more smoothly.

Gary Grimmer – Subvention
Gary Grimmer from is our guest on this episode of Meetings Industry Insight. With over 30 years experience in consulting on events in the international market, his depth of knowledge in the area of subvention is just what we needed.

Peter Sugg – Delegate Engagement
Join Warwick Merry on this edition of Meetings Industry Insights as he talks with Peter Sugg from AST Management about how to engage delegates Before, During and After the event.

Jason Holmes – Insurance for Events
In this episode we speak with Jason Holmes from H2 Insurance Solutions about what insurance we need and which insurance products can make our events more attractive.

Simon Elisha – Big Data in Events
The world is full of data. How can we use the data that is available to create better and more profitable exhibitions, conferences and experiences? Big Data guru, Simon Elisha, tells us how … as well as revealing some simple ways to get started.

Jane Anderson
This edition of Meetings Industry Insights addresses the question, “How do I get more business via networking”?  We walk through some easy to implement ideas to demonstrate to you how to do it.

Tim Dwyer
In this episode we talk with Tim Dwyer of Shirlaws about Succession Planning – what it means, when to do it and what it means for you as a business owner.

Dr Brent Coker
One of the keys to a successful event is the marketing of the event. Dr Brent Coker is a Lecturer for Marketing at University of Melbourne and the author of the book Going Viral. Find out what he has to say about the best way to market your event.

Sue Currie
Branding is important to us. Sue Currie, a Personal Branding Specialist, shares with us what we need to do to ensure our brand is protected and well represented.

Dr Josh Packard
In this episode we talk about what his research has shown and how associations and event managers can better engage their audiences to create more sustainable events and associations.

Thom Singer
One of the key elements of any conference is networking. But it is one of the things that delegates tend to do poorly. In this interview, the Conference Catalyst Thom Singer shares some ideas on how best to use a conference as a way to grow your network and increase your personal value.

Natasa Denman
In this episode of Meetings Industry Insights, we speak with the author of the upcoming book Bums on Seats. Our conversation is about how to get attendees in to you open programs.

Amanda Bain
In this episode of Meeting Industry Insights we are again talking about bums on seats but from the association perspective.

Digital Disruption in the Meetings Industry
Craig Rispin
One of the key questions addressed is what are some of the simple things that event organisers and meetings professionals are doing. You will be surprised at some of the low cost, high impact technology that organisers are using with great effectiveness.

Bill MacDonald – From the US perspective
We find out some of the emerging technologies that can improve the visitor experience and the experience from the event organiser perspective.

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