What To Measure From Your Post-Event Data

This is a great article on event data… Is capturing attendee data vital in measuring the success of your event?  Will it ensure the sustained viability of the event for years to come?

The answer is YES!  We know events generate copious amounts of data, and while all of it may be relevant, it’s important to mine the data because it will lead to better business decisions and ROI.
Let’s start with a few small steps that can make a big difference. Your business objectives are a great place to help determine which data should be collected along with the best method for capturing it.

For most associations, the easiest place to start the process is through the deployment of a post-event survey. Below are several of the major categories of data that can be captured relative to your event.

Post originally authored by Jennifer Lion, ProjectMeasuring Your Post-Event Data Manager, Experient

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