From Live to Online-How to Plan and Deliver Hybrid Conferences and Events

From Live to Online – How to Plan and Deliver Hybrid Conferences and Events

Adding virtual elements to your live events – it’s something we’ve all thought of and something we’ve all been a little hesitant about. Where do you begin, will you cannibalise live attendance, how will the whole thing work?
While many Professional Conference Organisers worry that the virtual streaming of sessions may decrease on-site participation and reduce sponsorship options, the reality is – online audiences can expand your revenue stream, generate additional marketing opportunities and increase attendance at future events.

Here are the details;

Date: Thursday 22nd May 2014
Time: 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm Sydney Time
Presenters: Sara Gonzalez and Michael Bunker – Redback Conferencing
Cost: Complimentary

This webcast will guide you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know…
• The case for hybrid: The why, the when and the how
• The Top 5: Tips for planning a Hybrid Event and gaining sponsorship
• The Technology: What to look for and what questions to ask
• The X Factor: How to create engagement before, during and after your event
• The Results: Those who have done it all before!

About the Presenters…

As the Product Manager for Managed Events at Redback, Michael is responsible for enhancing and implementing new features and applications that ultimately lead to increased interactivity and engagement within online events.

Sara is the Marketing Manager at Redback. As well as her daily communication duties, Sara also runs the Redback Business Skills Webinar Series.

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