Keynote speaker announced for PCO Association conference

Richard Robinson, the head economic forecaster for the highly-respected BIS Shrapnel group, has been announced as the opening keynote speaker at the annual conference and exhibition of the PCO Association in Canberra from November 30 to December 2.

Richard RobinsonHe heads BIS Shrapnel’s economics unit and is the company’s principal economic forecaster. Richard, who has been studying economic trends for 27 years, is expected to give insights into the Australian economy that will be pertinent to those operating in the events and tourism markets. He has developed considerable industry expertise across a range of sectors of the Australian and state economies.

His expertise includes areas that have either direct or indirect influences on the everyday lives of Australians and the nation’s businesses and it takes in everything from property to manufacturing, consumer goods and commodities.

Peter Sugg, conference chair, said Richard was expected to give insights into the Australian economy that would be invaluable to delegates in making business and investment decisions as they related to the events and tourism fields.

“We think he will give a very fair assessment of the state of play as seen by BIS Shrapnel and this may well give our delegates the confidence to move forward positively in their businesses.”

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