Join the Innovation Special Interest Group (SIG) – Online

The Innovation Special Interest Group (SIG) is off to a flying start.  We will not only have ongoing discussion on critical business innovation issues, but we will also have the opportunity to try out some of the online functionality that is reshaping our future.

Innovation SIG conversations running right now include:

  •        What is Conference 365     Turning one day into a year long event
  •        Engaging community           The very best in digital community practices.
  •        I want it @PCO’14                Lets test concepts at our own PCO Conference
  •        Grow Membs and Attends  New value. New conversations. New Members?
  •        *WOW* Technologies          Hey – have you heard about…
  •        $Future business model$   Where is the money at? Getting paid for new value

SIG Chair – Danny Davis

PLUS, we have secured a fantastic sponsorship deal from world leading social business platform Jive Software that will enable us to participate in these online discussions, and allow us to cooperatively develop the Innovations we want to experience at the 2014 conference.

Together, we will uncover hidden issues and opportunity in our market, collaborate to develop the best and most valuable PCO Conference for 2014 – and in the process gain first hand experience in building the kind of community engagement that will play a central role within the future of events.  This is a great opportunity to engage more closely with the PCO leadership community.

What role will you and your company be playing as these, and other innovations play out?

You are invited to participate and help drive the direction of this group together with your colleagues, SIG community facilitator  “The Innovation Coach – Danny Davis” and a series of thought provoking special guests who will participate through the year.

If you are interested in Innovation, and its role in the future of events, join in with these discussions, and lead your own just register your email address and a password at:

PCO Innovation SIG – lets walk the future together.