Thinking Outside of the Box…and Out of the Office

tumblr_inline_n5vx1rXw1z1qhff2t - CopyYou can’t spell event professional without CREATIVITY. Ok, you totally can, but what we mean is that it’s a trait that’s synonymous with #eventprofs, a topic we’ve talked a little more about here. You’re known for pushing the envelope and going above and beyond for your clients, so…

Why not do the same for yourself?

We’re not saying that you need to drop everything like a hot potato and take a vacay every time the going gets tough, but there is a ton of stress associated with being an event professional, and even more articles and posts on how you can beat becoming overwhelmed and bogged down by the workload. We’re sometimes trapped in a meticulously planned daily routine that can, at times, stifle our imagination and creative outlook. After reading this gem of an article that was passed onto us from our dear friends at @goOffsite, we thought, HEY!

Why not get outside the box—maybe jazz it up a bit (Glitter, anyone?)—and step outside and awaken our minds?

Making moves outside of the workspace is a good way to stop being productive in order to maintain productivity. Not following? Look at it this way: just like taking a few minutes to allow attendees at conferences and events to stay actively engaged by simply walking around, you yourself can allow your mind to free-up and soak in what’s around you. No need to pack all your things and buy a house Under the Tuscan Sun–though if you do, please let us know when we can visit! Mindfulness is a great way to start and you can do it right outside of your very own home!

So this is a reminder at the beginning of a new week to break away for a few minutes (after reading this post, of course!), and get out there and take in the Spring sunshine. We wouldn’t have all of these fantastic Pinterest finds if it weren’t for your passion and love for what you do. So keep finding your inspiration, whichever way you choose.

What will you do to boost your creative powers for your next event?