‘Everybody Loves Fireworks’

XplosiveIf you were fortunate enough to have attended the PCO Association Conference & Exhibition in Brisbane in 2016 then you have already been excited by Xplosive Art Fireworks.

We know you are busy but take the time to ask yourself the question…

Am I looking to hold an event, captivate the audience and create a truly memorable experience whilst having a surprisingly minimal effect on the environment?

It’s a fact that there are not many of us that don’t like fireworks. Even if that person is you, there is no denying the positive effect that a good quality fireworks display can have on the spectators. People from all walks of life, across all ages and from all of the countries of the world are excited by fireworks.

Just as the effects rise into the air, our emotions rise with them. They are literally uplifting and you feel a sense of euphoria which stays with you in your memory for a long time.

Creating The Mood
A considerable amount of time is taken researching the psychology of colours.
Colour without realising it can have a profound effect on how we feel and evoke certain emotions. We use this in our choreography to create the mood we are seeking. For example, Blue – represents peace and tranquility and can slow the pulse rate and lower body temperature. Red – is the colour we pay the most attention to, it is the warmest and most energetic colour in the spectrum. We associate red with speed, strength and anger. Red can raise the blood pressure and make the heart beat faster. Gold represents joy, happiness, sunshine, summer and inspiration.

Now introduce a backing track or create a fully choreographed Pyromusical. This takes the display to a whole new level offering audio and visual stimulation. Music and fireworks complement each other in a very special way.

The trend is now for clients to request their display to be produced earlier in the evening. The feedback from clients is, this sets the atmosphere for the rest of the night. It’s amazing to watch how everyone’s faces light up and the child within emerges.

Protecting The Environment
There is some concern regarding the effects of fireworks on the environment. Studies have shown that fireworks are one of the most environmentally friendly and cost effective forms of entertainment if you consider the carbon emissions and cost on a per head basis, as they often draw large crowds. All the genuine studies to date, carried out by scientists, have found very little or no long term residuals in the environment due to firework use. This is because all compositions must be deemed appropriate and consumed in the burning process, leaving no residue and cases are made from recycled cardboard.

Xplosive Art Fireworks has developed and implemented a range of practical initiatives that reduce any impacts on the environment.These include:
• Using fireworks compositions that can be fully consumed during the firing process.
• Using fireworks compositions that have no or little residual tendencies.
• Using recycled cardboard in the manufacture of packaging and casings.
• Waste reduction and minimization.
• Green procurement of supplies/goods made from recycled material.
• Fleet vehicles – low fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles.
• Use of energy – efficient electronic equipment and power saving.
• Use of green power, renewable energy.
• Recycling of all packaging.

Fireworks are:
• Exciting
• Stimulating
• Evocative
• Memorable
• Environmentally friendly

You will also be surprised how much more affordable they have become. Everyone from conference and corporate groups, to festivals, concerts, weddings and smaller intimate private events can appreciate the value in Fireworks!

‘The Skies The Limit’

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Join us for the 10th Annual PCOA Conference and Exhibition, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, 26 – 28 November 2017