Event Managers Webinar: Reposition yourself as a profit generator rather than an expense to your clients

Date:  Thursday, 27 March 2014 – Time: 1.30pm EST

Julian Moore

Julian Moore

Management Fees have long been regarded as an unavoidable cost of running events. As with other expenses of doing business, many clients push for the lowest possible fee structure in their efforts to maximise the profitability of their event. This has led to fees for many PCOs being far lower than they should be.

However, if you reposition your service from being an “expense” to being a “profit centre” you immediately create the opportunity to generate more clients and greater revenue from each client.

This can be achieved through integrating a proactive sponsorship development option within your client agreements. If you can tangibly assist your clients to attract and retain sponsors  you become a highly valuable asset to them. Especially if you are more than offsetting the cost your other services.

This opportunity is particularly attractive as many PCO’s claim to offer but there are very few who excel at sponsorship development. There is a huge gap in the market for a PCO who is prepared to up skill and own this space.

During this webinar Julian Moore, one of Australasia’s foremost sponsorship practitioners, will outline how to set up a proactive sponsorship development unit within your business, how to price your service and the key fundamentals you need to get right for this pathway to be successful for you.

Julian is Australasia’s foremost nonprofit sponsorship practitioner specialising in charities, associations and other non-profits.  He specialises in training, motivating and up-skilling boards and staff to improve sponsorship performance.webinar_sponsored

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