Efic – Finance for Australian Exporters

Efic is a federal government agency with a mandate to provide finance support to Australian businesses that are exporting, in the export supply chain, or expanding offshore, if their bank is unable to assist.
We do so on a commercial basis.

In the PCO space, this means
Australian businesses bringing an international conference into Australia;
Australian businesses organising conferences or events offshore;
Australian businesses expanding offshore to grow their PCO business.

How can Efic help?
With short or longer term loans to facilitate the activities mentioned above.

Minimum guidelines
Businesses with at least 2 years trading history
At least $250k turnover
Funding is to facilitate the growth of your international business.

For more information about Efic’s ability to help your business, call Leela Hanson Director on 0408 974 215
or email lhanson@efic.gov.au