The workshops will be held on Sunday 26th November 2017 and are an additional cost of $33.00 per workshop.

Workshops can be selected at time of registering for the Conference or can be added to your existing registration, subject to workshop availability.  Workshop numbers are limited.

1.00pm – 2.30pm  – Workshops 1 – 3 + In house Events Managers SIG 
In house Event Managers only can attend the SIG

3.00pm – 4.30pm – Workshops 4 – 6 + Owner/Directors SIG
Owners or Directors only can attend the SIG

Workshop 2 - Emotional Intelligence. What Is It and How Do You Get It?

Presented by Carol Hautot – Director, Dynamic Conversations

Carol Hautot_Headshot SML

In the wonderful book ‘What got you here, won’t get you there’ Marshall Goldsmith looked at what prevented top executives from getting promoted to the next level. Already successful, Goldsmith found that it was their lack of emotional awareness and inability to work with others that held them back. Emotional Intelligence is a critical skill if you seek professional success.

But what is it: and how do you get it?

Professional actors will join Carol Hautot on stage to demonstrate how to create positive change, simply by improved emotional intelligence. This transformational way of presenting information will have you laughing and ‘guffawing’ with recognition as you see the dysfunctional behaviour played out on stage. This is a fun and high energy session that guarantees to give you valuable tips you can use in the workplace the very next day.

Workshop 3 - Design Thinking: Implement Innovation into Your Business

Presented by Christina Gerakiteys, Founder & CEO – Ideation at Work

Christina Gerakiteys_Headshot SMLDesign Thinking is a proven and repeatable problem-solving protocol that can be utilised to achieve big results. Design thinking is a mind-set focused on solutions, as opposed to the problem, from the customer perspective. Gaining different perspectives is crucial to achieving high-end outcomes. Cross functional blending of teams adds the value to this problem-solving, customer-centric approach.

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. Human centred interaction with our clients/customers/participants is the best way to serve their needs and requirements. But what does that really mean and how do we truly step into our customers’ shoes?

Join your peers as we workshop the concept of human-centred design and utilise the principles of Design Thinking to engage clients and convert engagement into sales. This kind of Thinking will help your organisation innovate and grow. We will be using Lego – so get ready to get tactile!

Workshop 4 - Critical Path Management for Conferences

Presented by Paula Leishman, Director – Leishman Associates and Anne-Marie Quinn, Director – All Occasions Group

Anne-Marie and Paula

When starting out as a conference producer you quickly understand that ‘the devil’s in the detail’. However quite often we can be thrown in the deep end without knowing the importance of taking the time upfront to create a critical path for your event.

This interactive workshop is designed for entry level PCOs, or PCOs who want to brush up on their Critical Path Management.

It will cover:

– Designing a Critical Path
– Tracking and accountability
– Overview of tools available to assist with critical path management

Workshop 5 - Managing Change: Choosing Opportunity Over Fear

Presented by Amanda Gore, Keynote Speaker – Head2Heart

Amanda Gore SML

Change and stress go hand in hand. Participants will learn about how the brain actually can and does change (neuroplasticity); that adults can learn more quickly than children; and that our brains need change to stay vibrant and alert.

This session will transform the way people perceive change. Instead of being a stressor – Amanda will demonstrate how change can be welcomed as an opportunity to grow and develop.

Workshop 6 -Pitch Perfect: Speed Pitching to Perfect How You Present Ideas

Facilitated by Warwick Merry with a panel of industry judges

Need valuable skills to make your next creative pitch a winner?

This fun, interactive session will walk participants through the process of brainstorming, listening and then clearly communicating ideas. With limited time, participants will work in groups to respond to a gala dinner RFP, and present that idea to a panel of expert judges. Getting real time feedback you will learn how to work on yourself – not just your idea!