The workshops will be held on Sunday 9th December 2018 and are an additional cost of $35.00 per workshop.

Workshops can be selected at time of registering for the Conference or can be added to your existing registration, subject to workshop availability.  Workshop numbers are limited.

1st Session – 1.00pm – 2.30pm

Workshop 1 - Give Your Sponsorship Strategy A Headstart - What Is It and How Do You Get It?

Presented by David Fien – The Partnership Guys

We will delve into the complexity (and demystify!) the creation of a partnership value proposition that will position your organisation for success and long term growth.

David is is recognized as one of Australia’s foremost sponsorship and partnership acquisition professionals. With over 15 years’ experience, his career features a highly successful track record of brokering financially meaningful commercial partnerships in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States of America.

Workshop 2 - Doing Exhibitions Differently - How to increase your event revenue

Presented by Gary Daly – Managing Director, Exhibitions and Trade Fairs (ETF)

Exhibitions are excellent partners for conferences. They offer exhibitors the most direct, interactive and highly effective marketing method. For attendees, they are the perfect place to learn about and compare new and existing products and services.

The key is doing an exhibition well. This practical session will look at exactly how to do that, covering international and domestic exhibition trends, what audiences are looking for and need to know, what attendees expect from modern exhibitions, how to increase revenue from an exhibition, ways to increase traffic, how to keep both exhibitors and visitors happy.

This interactive format, with participant Q&As, will help those looking to rejuvenate their organisation’s exhibition to become a drawcard, and guide those wanting to add value to their conference by introducing an exhibition.

Gary Daly has led Exhibitions and Trade Fairs (ETF), one of Australia’s leading exhibition organisers, since December 2012. In that time the business has undergone significant growth and development. A cornerstone of ETF’s successful business plan is his emergence as a trusted advisor to its key business partners through assisting with strategic planning in addition to delivering world class exhibitions. Prior to his appointment as Managing Director at ETF, Gary ran one of Sydney’s iconic event venues, Luna Park and oversaw its re-development from a historic amusement park to a state of the art international standard events venue.

Workshop 3 - 3 Strategies to Help You Get Control of E-mail

Presented by Steuart Snooks – CEO, Solutions for Success

This fast-paced, information-rich, interactive and highly practical presentation demonstrates the 3 key, proven strategies to get control of the inbox and master your email, using tools you’re already familiar with;

WHEN to check email and when to NOT look at it
WHAT to do with each email (using the powerful 4D methodology)
WHERE to quickly file and retrieve email Most importantly, this presentation helps you SHIFT your working paradigm from being in-box-based, interruption-driven and reactive to one that is calendar-based, plan-driven, focused and proactive.

What you learn will change the way you work . . . forever!

Steuart is a world-leading E-mail & Workplace Productivity Expert. He brings more than 12 years of specialisation, research and delivery of E-mail Management Best Practices to this presentation. His conference presentations, training workshops, on-line webinars, 1:1 coaching and numerous resources teach a range of best practices to help you restore email to its rightful place as a powerful tool to facilitate improved personal productivity & effectiveness in the workplace.

2nd Session – 3.00pm – 4.30pm

Workshop 4 - Case study - International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide 2017

Presented by Anne-Marie Quinn, Director – All Occasions Group
Brett Biddington, CEO – IAC17
Simon Burgess, General Manager – Adelaide Convention Centre

This panel session will cover the strategy, planning and execution of IAC17 from the perspectives of the LOC, the PCO, the Adelaide Convention Bureau and the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The importance of planning for an enduring legacy will be emphasised as will the importance of Australia as a destination to attract delegates.

Anne-Marie is the Founder and Managing Director of the All Occasions Group and has built the company since its inception in 1998. She has developed the organisation over the past 19 years to a staff of 21 multi-skilled team members and has attracted a very impressive range of major national and international clients. All Occasions Group is a true South Australian success story, offering award winning conference, event and travel management services.

Brett Biddington is the founder and principal of Biddington Research, a consulting company that specialises in space and cyber security matters. He led the team that delivered the International Astronautical Congress, in Adelaide in 2017. Previously, he worked for Cisco Systems and before that served in the RAAF.

Brett holds several directorships and is Chair of the Advisory Committee of the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC). He is an Adjunct Professor at Edith Cowan University in Perth. Brett was admitted as a Member of the Order of Australia for services to the Australian space sector in 2012.

Simon Burgess has over 20 years’ experience in the international business events and hospitality industries, predominately in management and sales and marketing roles. For the past five years Simon worked as Director of Convention and Exhibition Sales here at the Adelaide Convention Centre, focused on attracting key national and international business. Simon assumed the role of General Manager at the Adelaide Convention Centre this past January (2018), and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the venue including but not limited to operations, security, visitor services, food and beverage, exhibitions and sales and marketing.

Workshop 5 - Your most important innovation in 2019

Presented by Rosie Yeo – Director, Public Affairs Network 

We all know that innovation is essential to ongoing success but how do you create and implement new ideas, and how do you prioritise which parts of your business are most in need of a new approach?

This is a highly interactive workshop with opportunities for self-reflection and inspiring discussions with your peers on creative thinking and breaking through the barriers to change.

Rosie Yeo is an experienced strategic adviser, helping Boards, Executive teams and organisations design and implement powerful strategies. As a Board Director, public affairs consultant, ministerial adviser and long-term consultant, Rosie’s twenty-five years’ experience across the corporate, public and non-government sectors has taught her that clarity, consensus and creativity are key to successful strategy. As a presenter and workshop facilitator on strategy, innovation and leadership development, Rosie combines real-life examples, expert insights and creative thinking to offer pragmatic solutions to boardroom and executive challenges.

Workshop 6 - Achieving the Ultimate People´s Business - Successful customer service through knowledge of human behaviour

Presented by Stephen Dale – Owner/Manager, Goal Drivers

As we enter the age of robotics, AI and digital communication, business owners must remember that despite the impact of IT, we will always be in ‘The People’s Business’. It is people who purchase our products or services, work alongside us, determine our success and provide us with a sense of identity, fulfillment and self-worth.

But, how do we communicate effectively with each other when we are surrounded with such diversity, and others seem to live by a different ‘set of rules?’

Today, Stephen will share the common denominators of all human behaviour and provide practical and relevant solutions that will multiply your level of influence.

Stephen has faced extreme obstacles both in life and business, and been forced to make difficult decisions. These experiences have helped him develop practical and relevant systems in communication, mental toughness, business resilience, goal achievement and leadership. Since 2002, Stephen has worked with over 100,000 business owners, corporate managers, community leaders, sales teams, schools, elite sporting groups and todays’ youth. He currently lives with his wife Allison in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay area.