Building the Business of your Dreams

Keith AbrahamThe enemy of any professional progress is that your business is good, not great. We keep on doing what we have always done, for no other reason than it works.

Too many people put up with sameness, they go through the motions and they are satisfied with the crumbs that come with survival mode. Instead you should take the time to prepare for the banquets and feasts that can be enjoyed when you put yourself out of your comfort zone and dream big dreams, pursue your passions and set greatness as the standard to live by.

Is it profitable to pursue your passion and love what you do? In Robert Kriegal’s book If It Ain’t Broke, Break It, I recall reading a study of 1,500 new workforce entrants starting their career that proved this point dramatically. At the outset of the study, the group was divided into: Group A, 83% of the 1,500 people – they were embarking on a career chosen for the prospects of making money in order to do what they wanted later. A familiar path to many, the same one most of us have been educated, instructed and informed to take in our own lives. Group B, the remaining 17% of the sample, had chosen their career path for the exact opposite reason. They were going to pursue what they wanted to do now and worry about the money later. The data showed some startling revelations. At the end of the study of 20 years, 101 of the 1, 500 had become Millionaires. Of the millionaires, all but one – that is 100 out of 101 – was from Group B, the group that had chosen to pursue what they loved!

This research compliments that great quote from Mark Twain, the author of the all-time classic Huckleberry Finn, “If you turn your vocation into your vacation, you will never work another day in your life”.

Let me ask you, are you doing what you love to do? Whether that is in your personal life or your professional life? I am not saying that your life is going to be honky dory every single day in all aspects of life, but if it is not that way the majority of the time, then what are you doing to fix it?

Please take a moment to ponder and then respond to the following questions. Follow your heart; write down your initial thoughts without pre-judgement or in a dismissive way.
• What would you love to do if you knew you could not fail? You may have more than one answer and that’s OK.
• What is one roadblock that is holding you back from achieving what you would love to do in your business?
• In the business of your dreams today, how much money do your make, how many people do your employ, what roles do you play and who would be your ideal client?
• What is one thing you need to do stop doing in your business and one thing you need to start doing different in your business for you to have the business of your dreams?
• What is one small action step you could take in the next 24 hours that would start you on your journey towards the business of your dreams?

The lives we live can be draining; but the question is when are you going to stop, and start doing things differently? If you want things to be different then you must do things differently in your life. We can look outside ourselves but everything that affects you is about you. If you want to change your circumstances then start to work on yourself. It is about moving from feeling helpless to becoming hopeful. If it is too painful to address, then remember this simple philosophy … Life is too short and you are a long time dead.

Author: Keith Abraham
Speaker at the PCOA conference 2016

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