BECA Releases the Value of Business Events Report

BECAReleased at AIME today, the Business Events Study highlights the importance of the business events industry to Australia, by estimating the economic contribution, value add and employment of the industry for the 2013-2014 financial year.

This report defines business events as any public or private activity of a minimum of 15 people with a common interest of vocation, held in a specific venue(s) and hosted by an organisation(s).

Business events covers meetings and conventions, exhibitions and incentives.

The study demonstrates that business events are a major economic driver for the Australian economy.

Business events are an economic powerhouse of the Australian economy – they foster trade, export, investment, diplomacy, education and knowledge transfer. They also generate employment, tax revenue and stimulate the visitor economy with their benefits spreading across both city and regional areas.

This study demonstrates the enormous reach of business events beyond their tourism contributions and reveals how business events help all industries deliver their goals; acting as levers to launch new ideas, identify trends, spread news of research breakthroughs, and equipping people to meet the challenges of change.

These business events directly generated Over 37 million people attended more than 412,000 business events across Australia in 2013-2014.

You can download the full report here BECA FINAL Report 200215 v2.

The President of the PCO Association sits on the BECA board.