Professional Selling for PCO’s

Keeping Australia MeetingAn Insight into Professional Selling for PCO’s by Greg Stockwell

Ah Selling!….. For many Australian business professionals the word is immediately met with a thought bubble often aligned to being pushy, abrasive, imposing, arrogant and generally being unpopular with mainstream business culture.Unfortunately it’s often seen as trip to the dark side of the business matrix.

Sales people are seen by many as performing a task that others don’t want to do and may be derided for their vital service. We have all heard the references made about any type of sales professional being compared to a used car sales person which evidently is the plimsoll line of undesirability and for being perceived as a social pariah. Irrespective of your personal views on selling there is one irrefutable fact that no one can reasonably deny…No Sales means No Business. In essence your firm’s sales methodologies and protocols directly determine the financial fate of your business and will also determine your station in life from where you live to the quality of your kids education.

Firstly we need to realise that the world of business irrespective of the industry type is based on selling and the chances are you are not aware of how many times a day you are being ‘sold’ and you just don’t realise it. Professional selling isn’t about abrasiveness or imposing yourself on your clients. Selling is an amalgam of skills that importantly needs to be aligned with your personality style in order to be consistently effective. At conferences I identify the traits that indicate your likeliness of sales success and how your personality impacts on your sales performance irrespective of the the type of product or service you are offering. There are markers that reveal not only your personal level of ‘Sales Centricity’ as we call it, but  also areas that may require more attention as part of your professional development path.

With the correct training combined with increased self awareness you can easily increase your sales skills and immediately impact on your market penetration and your bottom line profitability irrespective of market conditions. It may seem odd, but it’s possible to do this on a daily basis with what we refer to as ‘layering techniques’. The techniques to which I refer are as equally suitable to a the world of IT, Property, Agriculture & Industrial sales are they are to you as a PCO.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of these performance markers and skill enhancement techniques with you at the upcoming PCO conference in Melbourne in November.

Greg Stockwell is Managing Director of Sales Training Australia with offices in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.
Greg conducts keynote conference presentations & interactive conference breakout sessions throughout Australia & Internationally. He travels ex Sydney.

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