PCO Conference 2013 – Melbourne Australia

KeepingMeetingTThe 2013 conference will look at some of the “big picture” issues that are likely to impact the MICE sector in the next five years.

From Dr Frank Gelber, Chief Economist at Biz Shrapnel to Prof David Weaver and the “Lifecycle of destinations”, we will examine Aviation, Venues, Global Meeting Trends and the continuing impacts of Technology. We will also address new age marketing and the development of online business communities.

The bread and butter issues have not been forgotten and will include a lengthy session on PCO business models.

The provisional program has been published on the conference web, it has been designed to be inclusive and encourage discussion.

The owner/directors SIG will be held before the conference and will be facilitated by Richard Woodwood.  Richard’s brief is to establish 6 issues of importance the Association can address in 2014.  The short list will be prepared following consultation with members and presented to SIG attendees for discussion and evaluation.

Remember “Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is.”   Seth Godin