The workshops will be held on Sunday 9th December 2018 and are an additional cost of $35.00 per workshop.

Workshops can be selected at time of registering for the Conference or can be added to your existing registration, subject to workshop availability.  Workshop numbers are limited.

1st Session – 1.00pm – 2.30pm

Workshop 1 - Give Your Sponsorship Strategy A Headstart What Is It and How Do You Get It?

Presented by …..

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Workshop 2 - Doing Exhibitions Differently - How to increase your event revenue

Presented by …..

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Workshop 3 - 3 Strategies to Help You Get Control of E-mail

Presented by Steuart Snooks – CEO, Solutions for Success

This fast-paced, information-rich, interactive and highly practical presentation demonstrates the 3 key, proven strategies to get control of the inbox and master your email, using tools you’re already familiar with;

WHEN to check email and when to NOT look at it
WHAT to do with each email (using the powerful 4D methodology)
WHERE to quickly file and retrieve email Most importantly, this presentation helps you SHIFT your working paradigm from being in-box-based, interruption-driven and reactive to one that is calendar-based, plan-driven, focused and proactive.

What you learn will change the way you work . . . forever!

2nd Session – 3.00pm – 4.30pm

Workshop 4 - Case study - International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide 2017

Presented by Anne-Marie Quinn, Director – All Occasions Group & Brett Biddington – CEO of IAC17

This panel session will cover the strategy, planning and execution of IAC17 from the perspectives of the LOC, the PCO, the Adelaide Convention Bureau and the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The importance of planning for an enduring legacy will be emphasised as will the importance of Australia as a destination to attract delegates.



Workshop 5 - Your most important innovation in 2019

Presented by Rosie Yeo – Director, Public Affairs Network 

We all know that innovation is essential to ongoing success but how do you create and implement new ideas, and how do you prioritise which parts of your business are most in need of a new approach? This is a highly interactive workshop with opportunities for self-reflection and inspiring discussions with your peers on creative thinking and breaking through the barriers to change.

Achieving the Ultimate People´s Business - Successful customer service through knowledge of human behaviour

Presented by Stephen Dale – Owner/Manager, Goal Drivers

As we enter the age of robotics, AI and digital communication, business owners must remember that despite the impact of IT, we will always in “”The People’s Business.”” It is People who purchase our products or services, work alongside us, determine our success and provide us with a sense of identity, fulfilment and self-worth.

But, how do we communicate effectively with each other when we are surrounded with such diversity, and others seem to live by a different ‘set of rules?’

Today, Stephen will share the common denominators of all human behaviour and provide practical and relevant solutions that will multiply your level of influence.